I’m Steven, the founder of Economics Uncovered, which serves as the banner under which I publish my independent, institutional grade, economic research and analysis.

While I have a particular research interest in analysing the impacts of changes in the money supply on inflation & economic growth, I also write on a range of broader macro topics.

For further detail about me, my research highlights & latest posts, see below:

My Story

Learn about my journey that led to the creation of Economics Uncovered, as well as further detail on my research interests & focus.

Research highlights

Since publishing my inaugural research report for Economics Uncovered, Follow the Money, in September 2022, I have written extensively on inflation, the state of the US economy more broadly, and key current events.

Latest research

In order to not only keep you up-to-date with important macro developments as they occur, but to go a step further & forecast where things are headed, I publish regular updates – you can find them all here!